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MEWPs, Inc. - the training place to go for Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift compliance and for all your OSHA lift training and compliance needs. New A92 / SAIA-2018 compliant.

  Approved MASSHIRE Provider 

Vendor Number 1033247 | Course Number 1125144

 OSHA Requires Aerial Lift and Scissor Lift Safety training for all workers.
*We meet the newest ANSI A 92/ SAIA-2018 MEWP Training requirements 

Three Easy Ways to Train!

Training SHALL include familiarization, classroom or online & practical evaluation. MEWPS is 100% OSHA COMPLIANT and issues 3 year certificates for Online Training and 5 year certificates for In-Person Training! Operators, Occupants, Inspectors & Supervisors shall be trained. Per new standards.
Regular basis qualified evaluation SHALL determine if re-training is needed and all above must be documented and retained. 

TRAIN THE TRAINER COURSES - These online & classroom courses are compliant with the ANSI Mobile Elevated Work Platform Requirements including:

 •Aerial Lifts
 •Articulating Boom Lifts
 •Boom Lifts
 •Scissors Lifts
 •Cherry Pickers
 •Extensible Boom Lifts
 •Man Lifts
 •Vertical Towers 

Train the Trainer Classroom  Training 

 2-day course held the last Thursday & Friday of each month and meets ANSI 92.22-2018 & OSHA 1926-453 Requirements.  For more information or to register, click here

Train the Trainer Online Training  & Materials

Online class focuses on training & certifying qualified operators to become trainers. Train from your location at your pace and have access to the author/instructor of the course with phone guidance. The Kit includes everything you need to train unlimited students. Class details here. 
To visit our Trainers Learner Center, you can find that here

Online Fall Protection Classes Offered by MEWPs.comAlso Offered: Online Fall Protection Certification Courses - meets both OSHA & ANSI compliance 2019. Receive  certificate and wallet card upon completion. Valid and compliant for both CFR 1910 general industry, CFR 1926 & latest ANSI standards. Follow this link to register! 


MEWPs, Inc. has you covered - it's "SIMPLY DONE"

 WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF MEWP/Aerial Lifts & Scissor Lifts?
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