Scissor Lift being used at a construction site.

Scissor Lift Type 3 Group A

Type 3 - MEWPs for which traveling with the work platform in the elevated travel position is controlled from the platform.

Group A- MEWPs When elevated stays within tipping lines at all allowable inclinations.

There are two main types of access platforms, scissor lifts and boom lifts. The main difference between the two is that scissor lifts usually can only move vertically and a boom lift has outreach. The criss-crossing metal support distinguish the scissor lift visually from other lifts. 


Scissor Lifts are used to move workers, equipment and products to inaccessible areas, usually at height. They come in both electric or gas-powered platforms and they vary in size.

Small lifts can be used inside between tight aisles of warehouses and the larger lifts can be used outside and on rough terrain or other areas. 

The hydraulic scissor lift are one of the most common industrial lift and can be found in a number of applications. 

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