Boom Lift Type 3 Group B

Type 3 - MEWPs for which traveling with the work platform in the elevated travel position is controlled from the platform.

Group B - MEWPs - Boom types that reach beyond center mass.

Another type of MEWP is the Boom Lift which are types of aerial work platforms

A basic boom lift consists of a grounded base that has a hydraulic lift system that runs a platform on a long, jointed crane. 

It is used by personnel to reach high places and the boom lift works especially well for hard to reach areas that are considered dangerous.

Boom Lifts are used in Construction Job Sites, Building Maintenance, Window Cleaning, Foresting, Mining, Painting, and even in the Film Industry. 

Boom Lifts must be inspected before each use and operators must be licensed. Serious injuries or even death can occur when used improperly. 

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